Sunday, August 20, 2006

An Appointment With God

What if someone asked us to make an appointment with God? I’m sure you might think, “Why? I can talk with him anytime. I don’t have to make an appointment with God!” Well, that is true. We can talk to the Lord anytime, any day, and He is there. No waiting in line, no receptionists to greet us and ask us to sit in the waiting area, saying, “It will only be a moment, God will be right with you.” Thank God that is not how He treats us.
In light of that, we know God does not have an appointment book. But, did you know making an appointment is something necessary for us to do?
Whenever we make an appointment, be it with a doctor, dentist, a teacher at school, or a dinner date with some friends, the key to any appointment is commitment. When we have committed ourselves to be somewhere at a specific time, we have now obligated ourselves to follow through by showing up for the appointment. Sure, we can cancel and reschedule the appointment, but the key thing to remember, once the appointment is scheduled, we will make every effort to keep the appointment. So it is when we make a commitment to meet with God. Our lives can be so busy, yet we need to make spending time with God a priority. Therefore, by making an appointment, or commitment, to meet with God, and to do it consistently, it will force us to change things our lives and honor our commitment. One key to all of this is to be consistent. One thing to remember, we are not to feel condemned at any time if we miss an appointment with God.
So, what time can God count on us showing up for our appointment?

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