Monday, December 04, 2006

My Daughter's Wedding

This last Saturday my oldest daughter Allison was married to Dan, a wonderful man. Allison was beyond beautiful ; as was my youngest daughter Ashley, who was in the wedding. My wife was radiant in her black, low-back dress, with a long black shawl. As father and husband, I was the proudest man there.

We were also truly blessed to have both of my sisters visit us, Judy from California and and Teri from Florida. My father unfortunately could not attend due to health reasons. So, while my family, my sisters and their children were all sitting in the family room at my home, we called dad and passed around the cell phone so he could talk with everyone there.

I also had a very unexpected surprise when my cousin Keith came as well. I have not seen Keith for 25 years, so you could only imagine how shocked I was.

Truly, God has blessed me and my family. With one daughter now married, I have one more to go when Ashley is married next March to another fine young man, Dan (yes, I will have two son-in-laws with the name Dan).