Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tina Helmuth

Recently I read the blog from one of my writing friends Christina Berry about Tina Helmuth, a writer of historical fiction, who offers to do a critique of anyone's writing. I decided to submit the first chapter of my first novel Sacrificial Lie. You can see the critique as I received it back from Tina on her blog. I am truly impressed with how Tina kept my voice in my writing, yet with a fresh look at my writing, focused on an area to speed the pace of my writing--trim out the fat. I asked Tina to go ahead and publish the entire critique on her blog so others can see how she does such a wonderful job. Head on over to her blog site The Ink's Not Dry and check it out. And tell her Ernie sent you.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Awesome Art

If you want to see colorful, vibrant and bright artwork, there is an artist Kerrie Hubbard who does an incredible job at bringing her art to life. You can visit her website A Fresh Vision and be treated to a gallery of pictures that I am sure will put a smile on your face.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Island Inferno by Chuck Holton


Chuck served four years in the Elite 75th Ranger Regiment–the same unit profiled in the movie “Black Hawk Down.” Chuck saw combat in Panama in 1989. After leaving active duty, Chuck flew helicopters in the Wisconsin National Guard while attending the University of Wisconsin.

In 2004, after ten years as a stockbroker, Chuck left that profession to pursue full-time writing. At the same time, he began working as the "Adventure Correspondent" for CBN.

He is the author of five books, including A More Elite Soldier, Bulletproof, and
Allah's Fire, the first of three books in the Task Force Valor series.

Today, Chuck, Connie, and their five children live on a farm in Appalachia, where Chuck now pursues his varied interests of farming, writing, adventure travel and public speaking, among other things.




As the global war on terror heats up, the U.S. deploys a team of highly trained special operators overseas to locate and neutralize threats, bringing EOD expertise to dangerous missions that have no room for error.

A new specialty explosive is on the black market: ITEB looks like water, but when it's exposed to air, the effects are lethal! The United States government is frantic to keep it from our shores. Staff Sergeant Euripides "Rip" Rubio knows how destructive ITEB can be. He has already risked his life to thwart a horrific terrorist plot involving the chemical. Now Task Force Valor heads to Panama, on the trail of an arms dealer who plans to use ITEB to make a killing...literally.

Fernanda Lerida is a University of Florida grad student who jumps at the chance to join a biological expedition to a mysterious former prison island. But the snakes, bugs, and crocodiles are soon the least of her worries as the group stumbles upon something they were not meant to see. To Make matters worse, Fernanda soon finds herself alone and being pursued by an unseen foe.

When Rip's path collides with Fernanda's, they find themselves caught in the midst of a brutal turf war. Can they use the chaos to their advantage, or will one false step set the entire island ablaze?

"Island Inferno is a boy-meets-girl story. But in Chuck Holton's world, boy meets girl in the middle of a jungle at 25mph. hanging under a parachute with an assault rifle strapped across his chest. You'd better plan on reading this in one sitting. And once you're done, you'd better give yourself time for your pulse to calm down."
----TOM MORRISEY, Author of Deep Blue, and Dark Fathom