Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Our Youngest Daugter's Wedding

On Saturday March 10th, I was the proud Father of the Bride, again. This time, our youngest daughter Ashley was married to Dan (my other son-in-law's name is Dan). It was a beautiful wedding, in fact there were several comments from those in attendance that it was the most elegant one they have ever seen. I am so proud of my daughters that they have married Godly men; men whom I know will honor and cherish my daughters.

I was so happy that my dad was able to come to Ashley's wedding. Due to health reasons, he was unable to attend Allison's. Also, my sister Judy, her husband Don and their daughter Stacey came as well. They're so much fun to be with.

Now that the wedding's are behind us, the house has been on the quiet side. Even though I've managed to grasp the reality this is a part of life, I do miss my daughter's laughter, their calls to me at work asking what's for dinner, and telling them every day that I love them. Even as I write this, I pause to dab the tear that rolled down my cheek.

Yet, I now ponder and look forward to when each of my daughter's and their husbands come and visit. One thing for sure, I'll be cooking for them, and will make sure that I tell them how much I love them.