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Finding Jeena by Miralee Ferrell

Finding Jeena, by Miralee Ferrell—Available on, or bookstores

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FindingJeena.JPG Jeena’s new job with Browning and Thayer promised big things, and she intended to take full advantage in every way she could. New clothes, new townhouse, new car and new furniture were just the start. Rumors around town cast her new boss in a shady light, but she set aside her uneasy feelings…the money was good and his ethics weren’t her concern.

A few weeks later her world began to shake. Her salary wasn’t paid on time and things were happening in the office that didn’t bode well for her future. Money was missing and the investors were making trouble.

Jeena’s carefully crafted world began to crumble and her struggle with alcohol began to rear its head again. Dragged into court to be interrogated was only the beginning....

A few snippets of reviews for Finding Jeena:

C. Kendall

I don't even know where to start with this book. I'm at a loss for words. Finding Jeena is an absolutely amazing story of grace, forgiveness, and redemption. I love stories about redemption, I always have, but Jeena's story is different. It is more real and much more profound that others I have read. It is amazing how quickly life can change and how little control we really have over our lives. Jeena had a lot to learn and God taught her what she needed to know in order to start over.

J Squires

This story is one so many today could take to heart and learn from. I was struggling with my own issues different from Jeena's but found inspiration and hope to keep struggling because of this book. From beginning to end you are held in its grip.


S. Lorher

I just finished reading Finding Jeena: A Novel by Miralee Ferrell, and what an emotionally and spiritually satisfying story it is.

The heroine, Jeena, is as lovable as she is messed up, and you can't help but agonize over the monumentally bad choices that take her from riches to rags as she clings to what she believes is important in life. God takes her lower than she can possibly imagine before redeeming her in a powerful, dramatic way.

The rich cast of secondary characters is intrinsic to Jeena's journey to redemption, and they're so well drawn in themselves that I hope Ms. Ferrell will give us a glimpse into some of their lives in future books.

For me the takeaway value of Finding Jeena is the way it touched me on a personal level and changed the way I view the world.

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It's so fun to be able to review her book! We can say we knew her back when....

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